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  • P&W Group

    P&W Group is a global leading manufacturer of alloy wheels. The experience is the greatest protection for our customer. P&W group was established in 1992 which located in Taiwan and China. After 25 year of development, it’s become a stable supplier of many famous wheel brands in worldwide. The capacity goes 2 million pieces wheel per year.

    P&W Group provide customer one stop service. Start from customized R&D services, according to your drawings and sample to meet your special requirement, especially our private mold factory and automated coating line.

    Customer care is our top priority and full satisfaction and trust is what we work for. We believe superior customer satisfaction come from superior product quality.


    秦皇島松浦工業爐有限公司 (中日合資)

    電 話:0335-3206134

    傳 真:0335-3317809
    郵 箱:info@la-mach.com
    地 址:中國河北秦皇島市經濟技術開發區騰飛路11號
                                            版權所有:秦皇島松浦工業爐有限公司 (中日合資)地 址:中國河北秦皇島市經濟技術開發區騰飛路11號 電 話:0335-3206134 備案號:冀ICP備18000722號-1    技術支持:商景科技